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The English Register of Community Benefits and Engagement is a database which can be used by wind developers to record the benefits they have voluntarily offered to communities in the vicinity of a wind farm. It can also be used by fund administrators acting on behalf of communities, or groups receiving community benefits, to detail the benefits they have been offered and/or have received and the variety of ways in which they have managed and used the money provided through their local wind developments.

To encourage the sharing of engagement techniques and best practice, the Register will also capture information on engagement practices used during the wind farm development process and community benefits discussions.



If you would like to see your development on the Register please Contact Us using Form 2.

In the event that the wind development you are responsible for is changing hands please contact us and provide us with the details of the new operator.


Fund administrators/community group

If you are a fund administrator and/or community group receiving community benefits from a wind farm development and you would like to add a record to the Register please contact us and provide the information requested. If the development which you are receiving community benefits from is on the map but you are not on the record for that development, please notify the operator/ developer listed to ask them to update their record for the development.